Transport For London ate my Tube line

So, last friday evening TFL had to close the eastern portion of the District Line due to a trackside fire at Barking.
That’s unfortunate, but these things do happen, so after a bit of a rant about having trouble getting home, I leave it be.

Come this morning (monday), I discover that the District line is still closed out east due to this fire. Not much other information seems to be forthcoming from TFL on the matter, not that seems to be readily available anyway (or that I could find).

Thankfully, our good friend Google turned up this treasure trove of a URL on the East London Advertiser.

The following phrases are what get me…

  1. The disruption follows the cable fire and power loss at Barking station on Friday
  2. The fire destroyed dozens of cables first laid down 50 years ago
  3. Specialist London Undergound engineers were called in to hand trace the cable routes and splice in hundreds of yards of new cabling
  4. won’t be back to normal until Wednesday

So some 50 year old cables burn out and have to be replaced by hand… and this is the same portion of track they’ve had closed nearly every weekend over the last 18 months (pretty much) due to maintenance. WTF?

Oh sure, they’ve put a rail replacement bus service on, one that is so good that the TFL route finder is suggesting I don’t go near it with a barge pole and instead get an overground train out to somewhere else and then get a bus home from there…

Unhappy Lee is not happy.