My tripod droops (but only when it’s at an angle)

Firstly, wow, has it really been three months since I last posted something here. How remiss of me!

What’s been keeping me from these hallowed pages? mainly; work, nights out, hangovers, work and Transport for London (but that’s a different story (rant)).

So, I’ve decided to blog a little something about photography. It’s not often I get to flex this particular hobby (although I seem to have developed a nasty reputation at work-dos for being some sort of paparazzi, I can’t think why).

So today, between doing housework and playing Mass Effect (which is brilliant by the way, yes yes, I know Mass Effect 2 is out, i’m playing catch-up, all right?) I decided to take some more photos out of the bedroom window of my view across London (looking West from East), it’s normally a good source of photos on a clear day.


Then, as it drew towards evening today, it all started to go a bit ‘yellow’ out there!


So, as the sun set behind the rain clouds, i sat there looking at my camera (a Panasonic TZ5). I like this camera, it’s good quality, takes good photos and has a good number of options to it. Including, I discovered today a ‘long exposure’ setting. So once it was good and dark out there, I took a few more photos of London by night.


I’ve taken night shots of London before, but they’ve never come out quite like this. I quite like these.

Thanks to these I’ve now realised I can see Westminster and Big Ben’s clock tower from home, as well as the chimneys of Battersea power station – awesomeness! (Also, whilst prepping this blog post, i’ve just noticed that the above two photos almost form a perfect panorama! that was not planned when I took them!)

My next step was to try the ‘long exposure’ setting photo on the night’s sky – I could see a couple of stars with the naked eye so I thought it might be worth a shot. That’s when I discovered the truth about my tripod, my cheap little £6 tripod I bought of ebay, put it at any angle other than practically parallel to the ground and it very, very slightly droops over time – giving me somewhat streaky stars. So I guess I’ll be off tripod shopping sometime soon then… and then let the heaven’s beware I’ll be down here snapping away!

All these photos (and more like them) are available to see on my Flickr account, here.

It all started so simply…

Once a long time ago (May 2009) it must have been a quiet day in the office…

Caro sent this email around to everyone;
“Daniel Britton is sick, please HELP ME!”

To which I responded with this (a picture of Dan):

Ant then sent this:
“Looks like a caption competition opportunity to me:”

Dave G followed up with this:

I then did:

Gon followed up with:

My reposte was:

Luke chipped in with:

And Stu added:

Gerry threw this into the mix:

Ant came up with this:

I bastardized it into this:

Dave posted this:

So I contributed;

I also did this;

Ant added this:

Rich gave us this:

Gon followed up with:

Jonny came up with:

Ant replied with this;

Dave G added:

Hils did this one:

Rich contributed this;

Martin created this one;

And Caro finished it with this gem:

And then silence followed…

Ahhh, what a productive afternoon that was…

Thanks to Dave G for finding this email chain in his emails and providing the images! without him, these memories may have been lost forever!