Fallout shaders (part two)

Here’s a short video highlighting just how awesome Bethesda’s Fallout 3 can still be made to look by using two fantastic mods – those being the ENBSeries graphics mod by Boris Vorontsov and the NMC Hires texture pack by NeilMc – see my previous post for more info on them.

In the video I take a short walk from entrance of Vault101 down into the edges of Springvale.

Fallout shaders

The other day I came across this link to some pictures of a modded Fallout 3.
Now, I love Fallout 3, I love adding mods to Fallout 3 – so I had to get this into my install.

So, a quick Google for the ENB series (the name of the shader mod) led me here. A quick download later (thankfully I already had the awesomely high-res NMC Texture pack – that’s a 1.2Gb download in itself) and I’m all good to go!

And here’s my results…

If you’re a PC gamer, do check out the ENB Series site – it’s an awesome thing and there’s versions for a whole host of games, not just Fallout 3!