Mass Effect – Arrival

So the latest (and last?) DLC pack for Mass Effect 2, “Arrival”, has arrived (see what I did there?)!

And I don’t think it disappoints! It’s certainly up there along with the Overlord, Stolen Memory and Shadow Broker DLCs.

It sees the erstwhile Commander Shepard dispatched to rescue an Alliance deep cover operative from Batarian space. From there the latest roller-coaster of an adventure full of daring-dos unfolds. I won’t give spoilers for it here as it is brand new, but I will throw my opinion here that is almost certainly a bridging piece  that leads into Mass Effect 3, at least judging by the teaser trailer that’s out for ME3. It’s certainly nice to see Shepard doing some work for the Alliance again, something I felt was sorely missing in ME2.

So, if you’re a Mass Effect fan, go and get it now!!

Play game demos in your web browser!

I tweeted this earlier today, but felt it deserved a mini-blog post too…

An article on PCGamer made me aware of this first, essentially there’s a fairly new service out there called Gaikai that streams game Demos to your web browser without the need to download and install them, using a combination of Flash and Java – two things most people on the web these days have installed already. The only downside is that you need a pretty beefy internet connection to enjoy the experience, around 10Mb/s is recommended, probably a bit beyond a lot of home ADSL connections in the UK at the moment.

Still, it’s very nice and works very well, there’s a couple of demos out there at the moment, including Dead Space 2, Spore and Mass Effect 2.

I tried the Mass Effect 2 demo of course.

Have I mentioned that I love the Mass Effect series?