Mass Effect(ed)

Wow, so yeah, Mass Effect. I like it, in case you didn’t know already.

Playing the latest DLC for Mass Effect 2, reminded me that I’ve been meaning to make a little blog post about my various adventures in ME2 for a while now, so no time like the present…

If you didn’t already know, ME2 allows you to import your character from ME1, this includes all the various decisions and actions you took during the first game, helping to create the feeling that you’re in a living, breathing universe in which you can not hide from your past actions. I’ve played through both ME1 and ME2 now three times from end to end and below is a summary of where I’ve led these Commander Shepard’s to.



First of all we have Commander John Shepard.

Commander John Shepard

John here is you typical space action hero. He’s started out as a goodie two shoes in ME1 but after his ‘resurrection’ in ME2 he gained a bit of a attitude, hence his high Paragon level and slight Renegade level.

He’s a pleasant chap who puts others first but isn’t afraid to make hard decisions.

He had a fling with Ashley Williams and was forced to leave Kaiden Alenko to die whilst on a mission. He saved the Rachni Queen and the Feros colony and also successfully saved the council from Sovereign’s attack on the citadel and got his old boss, Captain Anderson a job on it afterwards.

ME2 saw him remain faithful to Ashley, even though most of the new female crew members were throwing themselves at him.

He took a firm stance against what Cerebrus wanted and destroyed the Human Reaper along with the Collector’s base to make sure the technology didn’t fall into Cerebrus’ hands.

So far, John’s the only one of my characters to have gone through ‘Arrival’, although he has completed all the other DLC packs, in which he helped Liara against the Shadow Broker and ended Project Overlord.

After all this, the crew of the Normandy stands like this;

John Shepard's Normandy Crew



Next up we have Jennifer Shepard, my foray into female Shepards!

She’s quite different from John, in fact she’s almost totally renegade, but she’s not outright evil. She always does the ‘right’ thing but not necessarily in the nicest way and enjoys causing trouble (and pain) for others.

In ME1, she saved the Rachni and the Citadel council, however she had Wrex shot and left Kaiden Alenko to die. She also had a fling with Asari comrade Liara. She did save the Feros colony too.

ME2 didn’t lighten her ways, she continued her romance with Liara but also had an affair with Yeoman Kelly Chambers.

Despite having a similar approach to things as Cerebrus, she didn’t like working for them and in the end destroyed the Collector’s base along with the Human Reaper, but didn’t get along with some of her crew very well, resulting in some casualties.

She’s not gone through the Arrival DLC pack yet, but has completed all the others, in which she helped Liara and shut down Project Overlord.

Here’s the current condition of her crew;

Jennifer Shepard's Normandy Crew

You’ll note that Grunt and Jacob died during the mission on the Collector’s base whilst Thane and Jack died getting there.

Lastly we have Jim here.

Commander Jim Shepard

Jim’s a total and utter c&#t. A really nasty piece of work that will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Unlike John and Jennifer who were of the Soldier class, he’s a biotic adept.

In ME1 he killed Wrex himself and left the Citadel council to die and appointed Udina on the new council. He killed the Rachni Queen, wiped out the Feros colony and left poor old Kaiden to die instead of Ashley, even though he wasn’t romancing her.

ME2 saw him agreeing with Cerberus’ ideologies and leading the charge. He destroyed the Human Reaper and turned the Collector base over to Cerebrus for study.

Unfortunately, his attitude really didn’t make him popular with his new crew leading to lots of arguments, lots of poor decisions and ultimately lots of deaths. He even sided with psychopathic Morinth against her Justicar mother Samara, resulting in Samara’s death and Morinth taking her place.

In terms of ME2 DLC, he’s not done any of the big ones yet, but I’m sure there’s plenty of ways he’ll be able to piss people off in them too.

As it stands, his Normandy crew looks like this…

Jim Shepard's Normandy Crew

As you can see, lots of people died. Zaeed, Morinth, Mordin, Grunt and Jacob died on the mission at the Collector’s base,whilst Garrus, Thane and Jack died on the way there because Jim was too tight to upgrade the Normandy’s systems. This was after he refused to reactive Legion and sold him to Cerebrus for ‘study’.

In fact, Tali died during the mission too, but something glitched and she’s still alive, orginally Jim was just going to be left with the two Human females, Miranda and Kasumi, but he’s got a Quarian along for the ride now too.



So there we have it, these’ll be the be characters that i’ll be taking with me into Mass Effect 3 when it’s released and I’m really interested to see how their actions (or lack of in some cases) to date affect the story.
I get the impression that old Jim is going to have one hell of a time as most of his crew is dead and most of the galaxy (that’s still alive) hates him…

That’s the result of a total of 136 hours of gameplay (according to my Steam account anyway) to date… Bioware, you’re doing a grand job!

Mass Effect – Arrival

So the latest (and last?) DLC pack for Mass Effect 2, “Arrival”, has arrived (see what I did there?)!

And I don’t think it disappoints! It’s certainly up there along with the Overlord, Stolen Memory and Shadow Broker DLCs.

It sees the erstwhile Commander Shepard dispatched to rescue an Alliance deep cover operative from Batarian space. From there the latest roller-coaster of an adventure full of daring-dos unfolds. I won’t give spoilers for it here as it is brand new, but I will throw my opinion here that is almost certainly a bridging piece  that leads into Mass Effect 3, at least judging by the teaser trailer that’s out for ME3. It’s certainly nice to see Shepard doing some work for the Alliance again, something I felt was sorely missing in ME2.

So, if you’re a Mass Effect fan, go and get it now!!