Fallout 3 – it’s all about the maps

So, I’ve been playing a bit of the old Fallout 3 recently…

And I realised that I’ve soaked nearly 30 hours into this playthrough and I’ve gotten hardly anywhere in the main quest line and only done one of the DLCs (Mothership Zeta) so far… so what’s taking me so long?

Well, the first map below is what the vanilla Fallout 3 map looks like, the second image is my modded version.

Just look at all those place markers! That’s the power of mods… worryingly as you can see I’ve hardly scratched the surface of the Capital Wasteland in this game so far! I fear that one I’ve fully explored this, I may have set a new record!

Fallout 3

Good old Fallout 3! I do love it, despite it’s severely railroading main story/quest line – the world all around that is just fantastic and it’s so much fun to play in. It’s basically a huge open world that you can pretty much do as you please in… the kind of thing that Bethesda seems to do so well!
After the recent Mass Effect 3 heartbreak, I’ve steered away from RPGs for a bit (Thankfully Minecraft hasn’t yet let me down!) – but I recently got the itch to play Fallout 3 again.

What’s Fallout 3 you ask?
It’s a RPG set in a future world of an alternative history. In the Fallout universe, things went a bit differently sometime around the 1950s, and whilst things like Nuclear weapons still came to be, things like the Microchip didn’t so much. The biggest difference of cause, is the great war. A world ending Nuclear cacophony occurs. Have a look at the Fallout Wiki’s Timeline if you’d like some more detail.
Seriously, if you’ve never played it, it’s worth the £15 that Steam is currently asking for the Game of the Year edition…

Anyway, after reinstalling it I’m left facing the question of mods…
There are SO MANY mods out there for this game – and a lot of them are just simply awesome.
Seriously, If you’ve got Fallout 3 on the PC you need to get some mods! Head on over to Fallout 3 Nexus and take a look.
I highly recommend the following; Fallout Wanderer’s Edition, Mart’s Mutant Mod, Fellout, Weapon Mod Kits, EVE, NMC’s Texture Pack [FULL] and the DC Interior’s Project.
There are many, many more though, from additional ‘Perks‘ to new Radio stations.
And I would just like to take a moment to thank all of the awesome mod makers who have enriched the game with all this additional content. Thank you people!
But perhaps two of the most important ‘mods’ you should look at are the bug reducing/error fixing ones – namely Fallout Stutter Remover and Error Reductions – Reduce CTD – these two alone are perhaps the most important downloads any Fallout 3 fan could ever do! Seriously.

After all this, perhaps it’s no wonder that my Fallout 3 directory is 18Gb in total…
But when my Vault Dweller character makes his first trip out of Vault 101 now, the post apocalyptic world that greats him now looks like this.