Photo stats

One of the many good things about using Flickr to keep all of my photos on is stats.
Flickr has a fairly comprehensive stats package which I hightly recommend any Flickr user has turned on (it doesn’t cost anything!).

Anyway, I thought i’d share my Top 20 most viewed photos/videos ever – it’s quite a random bunch I have to say!

1. 602 views
2. 497 views
3. 264 views
4. 245 views
5. 221 views
6. 162 views
7. 129 views
8. 118 views
9. 112 views
10. 112 views
11. 84 views
12. 80 views
13. 80 views
14. 79 views
15. 76 views
16. 76 views
17. 74 views
18. 69 views
19. 66 views
20. 65 views

Flickr functionality discovery

I’ve just discovered something really useful, although i’m probably the last to know about this…

Flickr has built in short-url functionality!

If you wanted to share a picture you’d found on flickr, you’d naturally just copy and paste the URL, however Flickr URLs can, quite often, be quite long.

for example.

However, in this age of Twitter and less is more, such a long URL is not very practical!

If you look at the source code of a Flickr page, you’ll see that they’ve added a Google Canonical tag. By itself, this isn’t that interesting. However that canonical tag is a short URL!

So, in our example above, that looong URL can be referenced asĀ – much shorter, and much nicer!