Play game demos in your web browser!

I tweeted this earlier today, but felt it deserved a mini-blog post too…

An article on PCGamer made me aware of this first, essentially there’s a fairly new service out there called¬†Gaikai that streams game Demos to your web browser without the need to download and install them, using a combination of Flash and Java – two things most people on the web these days have installed already. The only downside is that you need a pretty beefy internet connection to enjoy the experience, around 10Mb/s is recommended, probably a bit beyond a lot of home ADSL connections in the UK at the moment.

Still, it’s very nice and works very well, there’s a couple of demos out there at the moment, including Dead Space 2, Spore and Mass Effect 2.

I tried the Mass Effect 2 demo of course.

Have I mentioned that I love the Mass Effect series?