No global armageddon today it seems

Doctor Dark Energy‘ had apparently predicted that today’s firing of CERN’s LHC (at it’s full capacity of 7 TeV hypercollisions) would have a 50% chance of causing the end of the world.

Well, shortly after midday (UK time), human history was made – apparently quite safely (i.e. no planetary implosions and no cross-dimensional invasions, as we are all still here!

So, what’s next on the boffins’ hit list? Apparently they’ll be “turning it up to 11″ sometime next year when they double this collision rate to a further mind blistering 14 TeV collision.

It’ll take some time to analyse the results of today’s collison work and you never know, it may turn out to be of some use eventually…

…and yes, I’ve been reading The Register today!