My ever changing company name

I’ve been very lucky. I’ve been in constant employment for the last nine and half years, further than that, i’ve technically been in the same job for nine and half years, that’s almost unheard of surely?! Of course, in this time, we’ve had many, many names and almost as many offices!

Way back on 3rd October 2001 I joined Perception|DM, which later got bought up by Dowcarter. Dowcarter later rebranded itself to DC Interact. We then merged with two other companies to become Altogether Digital and moved offices from Angel to Golden Square. Shorly after this, we moved offices again and then, today on 13th  January 2011 Altogether Digital merged with WCRS to become the new beast that is WCRS&Co.

So, 9.5 years, 5 company names and 3 offices – it’s been… interesting!!

The big question is, another 9.5 years?

It all started so simply…

Once a long time ago (May 2009) it must have been a quiet day in the office…

Caro sent this email around to everyone;
“Daniel Britton is sick, please HELP ME!”

To which I responded with this (a picture of Dan):

Ant then sent this:
“Looks like a caption competition opportunity to me:”

Dave G followed up with this:

I then did:

Gon followed up with:

My reposte was:

Luke chipped in with:

And Stu added:

Gerry threw this into the mix:

Ant came up with this:

I bastardized it into this:

Dave posted this:

So I contributed;

I also did this;

Ant added this:

Rich gave us this:

Gon followed up with:

Jonny came up with:

Ant replied with this;

Dave G added:

Hils did this one:

Rich contributed this;

Martin created this one;

And Caro finished it with this gem:

And then silence followed…

Ahhh, what a productive afternoon that was…

Thanks to Dave G for finding this email chain in his emails and providing the images! without him, these memories may have been lost forever!