Fallout shaders

The other day I came across this link to some pictures of a modded Fallout 3.
Now, I love Fallout 3, I love adding mods to Fallout 3 – so I had to get this into my install.

So, a quick Google for the ENB series (the name of the shader mod) led me here. A quick download later (thankfully I already had the awesomely high-res NMC Texture pack – that’s a 1.2Gb download in itself) and I’m all good to go!

And here’s my results…

If you’re a PC gamer, do check out the ENB Series site – it’s an awesome thing and there’s versions for a whole host of games, not just Fallout 3!

Back down to Earth

From the highs of the lunar pictures I’ve been posting recently (more to follow on that theme, I’m sure!), I’ve also been taking some pictures in parks (trying to make the most of the British summer… ha!).

Here’s two recent trips;

Firstly, a recent stroll around my back garden (Harrow Lodge Park);
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157630898175770″]

Secondly, a sunny walk through The Regent’s Park;
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157630749140172″]