So… last night, we have a bit of a work social (due to company merger), an evening of being taught how to make cocktails whilst drinking them (and other alcohol).
It was a really fun evening (even the cheesey 90s dance music that they played after the main event whilst we were drinking more booze) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
What I didn’t enjoy was this morning. God I felt rough… in fact, I still felt drunk. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have gone around pooring bits of various cocktails into one glass, christening it the ‘Altogether’ cocktail and proceeding to drink it… oh well.


I thought I’d show off the picture of my proud creation, i think it was a Manhatten… yeah, fairly certain of that. Although, of course, it had a twist of Barrows flair to it (i.e. it had double measures in it). It certainly had quite a kick!

My reputation preceeds me… (aka WTF)

OK, so it’s not often one Googles ones own name (Lee Barrows) unless you’re some sort of vein narcissist (which I’m not, I was seeing if Google had indexed this site yet or not, they’ve not)… when I came across this bizarre website about me!!!


That’s just a bit too wierd… it even has a link to my TiredandTested profile (a site I built at DC Interact in 2006, since relaunched as iSporty – a great technical acheivement for me at the time, but unfortunately a bit of a naff site in general). OK, so my date of birth is out by a month and two days, but apart from that (and the rather er… grandiose description of my apparent aims in life) it is bizarrely quite accurate…

It appears to have been extracted from Wikipedia… I’d had an entry on Wikipedia?! (sadly no longer it would seem)… Who the heck did that?! I swear it wasn’t me… not even when I’ve been drunk…