Project HTPC – The rebirth!

Yes, nearly a whole year since I first started this project (see here), I’ve restarted this little project of mine.

To be honest, I thought i’d have it finished by now, but it turns out reusing the old ShuttlePC case with a modern miniITX motherboard just won’t work – the backpanel and mounting screw holders just don’t line up.

That aside, the little PC that could – does! It’s running XMBC on a base of Windows 7 (yes, yes I know – but I’ve not been in the mood to wrap my head back around a Linux install of late) and it’s running super smoothly. All of my off-line media is being stored on an external USB3 hard disk so – in theory – I can fiddle with swapping the OS at a later date without losing my files.

Full spec and pics will follow once I’ve found a case I like for it…

Fallout shaders (part two)

Here’s a short video highlighting just how awesome Bethesda’s Fallout 3 can still be made to look by using two fantastic mods – those being the ENBSeries graphics mod by Boris Vorontsov and the NMC Hires texture pack by NeilMc – see my previous post for more info on them.

In the video I take a short walk from entrance of Vault101 down into the edges of Springvale.