Best (ie Worst) email ever!

Today I recieved an email with the subject line : “Mr Barrows, you could have between £50-£500 with Provident Personal Credit”. How this escaped my spam filter in the first place, i’m not sure, but i decided to hear them out (always game for a laugh me!)…

Here it is, in all it’s glory:

Click for larger

Now, how many wrong things are there in that email?
Firstly, apparently my name is now ‘@firstname@’ – charming!
Secondly, they just can’t properly build HTML emails – look at the alignment on those images! RUBBISH!
Thirdly, “Typical 189.2% APR”! 189.2% APR!!!! WTF!?!

I’m almost tempted to take up their offer of comparing their loans to other locally available to me, but i have no desire to send traffic to their site!

This just seems to be one of those attempts to try and get people who are already in debt (ie. “even if you’ve been turned down before”) further in debt!


Where do I sign up?