Proof of time travel?

During a bout of insomnia last night, I remembered something i’d read back on the Internet of old (circa 2000).
The intriguing tale of someone called John Titor.

‘John’ claimed to be a time traveller from 2036, who’d travelled back in time from a post-WWIII time to collect an example of an old piece of computer equipment that they could not replicate in that time.

I won’t go to great lengths typing here what has already been said elsewhere, but I will pass my comment.
True or not (come on now!), it does make for what I think is interesting reading. Beyond the initial claim of being a time traveller, the things that are talked about and described all seem rather, mundane. Normally you would imagine that if someone was to make up such a claim that they would such fantasists that they would just go overboard on the whole thing. This chap didn’t, which made it seem less insane – if that is possible. His discussions of probalities and timelines (or in his parlance, ‘worldlines’) makes for interesting sci-fi reading.

Links of interest if you want to read the details of what ‘John’ talked about;

Or just type his name into Google, you’ll be surprised by the number of results you’ll find!

Of course, me being from the 24th Century has no bearing on this at all.. 😉

No global armageddon today it seems

Doctor Dark Energy‘ had apparently predicted that today’s firing of CERN’s LHC (at it’s full capacity of 7 TeV hypercollisions) would have a 50% chance of causing the end of the world.

Well, shortly after midday (UK time), human history was made – apparently quite safely (i.e. no planetary implosions and no cross-dimensional invasions, as we are all still here!

So, what’s next on the boffins’ hit list? Apparently they’ll be “turning it up to 11″ sometime next year when they double this collision rate to a further mind blistering 14 TeV collision.

It’ll take some time to analyse the results of today’s collison work and you never know, it may turn out to be of some use eventually…

…and yes, I’ve been reading The Register today!