Things They Say

Anyone that follows me on Twitter or has me as a friend on Facebook will often see me posting seeming random, sometimes crude, often innuendous  things with a (#) hashtag.

Some people might not be aware of Things They Say the site that archives all of these into one shiny central location. It’s not going to win any internet design awards, but it’s built by me, a techie, not a crayon pusher.

These are quotes that someone I know has literally just said. Anyone can join in, there’s even a hashtag for me – just so that I can’t be accused of bullying anyone.

The first victim target person was Hils, aka @lergik, started by the suggestion of one @jonathanacton. Then we ran with it. Lots.

Since then, it’s kind of expanded to take in other people I know as well…

So, that’s the history of the site and now to the original point of this blog post – the most popular (as in read) #says people of the last month…

*que Tops of the Pops chart music*

10. Lpb
 9. Flush
 8. Eve
 7. Toby
 6. Colin
 5. Cathy
 4. Taz
 3. Emma
 2. Dools
 1. Hils

I need to work out the maths behind working out the frequency of actual posts per month.

<sarcasm>That’ll be a nice job… </sarcasm>

Play game demos in your web browser!

I tweeted this earlier today, but felt it deserved a mini-blog post too…

An article on PCGamer made me aware of this first, essentially there’s a fairly new service out there called Gaikai that streams game Demos to your web browser without the need to download and install them, using a combination of Flash and Java – two things most people on the web these days have installed already. The only downside is that you need a pretty beefy internet connection to enjoy the experience, around 10Mb/s is recommended, probably a bit beyond a lot of home ADSL connections in the UK at the moment.

Still, it’s very nice and works very well, there’s a couple of demos out there at the moment, including Dead Space 2, Spore and Mass Effect 2.

I tried the Mass Effect 2 demo of course.

Have I mentioned that I love the Mass Effect series?