Goodbye Mass Effect, Goodbye Bioware.

They done goofed.
This whole Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco has had time to settle and Bioware have not, in my opinion, come out of it well.
Firstly, the ending of the game is poor, very poor. This is apparently the ending the Bioware have been working on for years… (!!)
Secondly, their handling of this entire situation has been really poor, one or two of their community moderators have tried doing their best, but have seemingly had no support from elsewhere within the company (i.e. Mr Casey Hudson – who was whoring himself out to every media outlet he could find prior to launch totally vanished when the game was released and the fans rose up).

It’s the combination of both of these issues that has brought me to where I am now.

Bioware Forum’s ‘cato_84′ user has compiled a good list of quotes from various people at Bioware prior to the release of Mass Effect 3 that, now that the game has been released and played, seemingly come across as outright lies. I really suggest you give it a quick read.
Sure, some of the older ones may have just naturally changed / become incorrect as things in the game changed, however there’s a lot of things said there that just didn’t come to be. Unfortunately, a lot of the things that they said we were going to get was the reason that a lot of people got the game.

And Bioware failed to deliver. And Bioware have not apologised – sure, they’ve released a ‘free DLC’ / ‘extended cut’ to try and make things better. It basically adds a few cutscenes and dialogue options that should have been in the game in the first place. It does not address any of the “quotes” outlined in the above linked post.

Bioware – I have uninstalled ME3 and wish i’d never bought it – never thought I’d say that about a)one of your games b)a Mass Effect game but there, I have and it’s done between us. You want this customer back you’ve got a long way to go… and I’m no longer going to be giving you or your games any air time on my blog.