My Mobile Phone History

Here’s a photo history of my (surviving) mobile phones!

From left to right;
HTC Desire HD (my current phone), HTC Hero, Sony Ericsson C902, Sony Ericsson K800i, Nokia 3510i

This isn’t all of them, it’s just the ones I’ve found tucked away in various boxes and such… I’m pretty sure my first was the old Nokia 5110, and I may have had a Nokai 3390 (or similar) before the 3510 pictured above, but I honestly can not remember that clearly.

It’s interesting how I’ve not really chopped and changed manufacturers that much.

It’s amazing how far and how quickly they’ve involved into mini-computers!

EDIT: Had previously stated my first mobile phone was a 5190, after a conversation at work I’ve changed my mind to the fact that it was a 5110!

Grandstand Tabletop Video Games

Back in the early eighties – video games were in their infancy. Sure you had your Atari’s, Coleco’s and Vectrex’s (only just!) but you also had the, frankly brilliant, genre of “Tabletop” games. These were self-contained, standalone, video game system, strongly┬áreminiscent of actual arcade machines.

And I had two of them.

Grandstand’s “Astro Wars” (a clone/derivative of Midway/Namco’s Galaxians) and “Scramble” a conversion of the arcade game of the same name.

And you know what? I still have two of them!

Grandstand Scramble

Grandstand Astro Wars

Yes, despite Astro Wars coming out in ’81 and Scramble in ’82 both of these still actually work perfectly. Back in the 80’s things were obviously built to last – and last they have seeing as both of these machines are coming up to their 30th birthdays this year. In light of this, I thought a little celebratory blog post should go up in their honour.

More pics (and some videos!) of these units and other vintage video games (including Pocket Scramble and Mario’s Cement Factory LCD games) can be found on my flickr account here.