Project: Badger enters beta!

Project:Badger has entered beta testing!
What does that mean? Well, essentially it means i’ve got off my arse, done a bit of work and uploaded it to it’s online home.
Keep your eyes peeled for an official press release* in the next few days. :)

*well, here on my blog and on facebook anyway… 😉

Flickr fun (Thanks to Yahoo! (Sorry Wonky))

Have just turned on the ‘stats’ in my Flickr account, i was intrigued to see that i was getting referral hits from Yahoo images… upon investigating this it turns out that yahoo’s actually pretty good for finding matches in one’s flickr account… the best example of this I have to hand (i’ve been very slack at titling/tagging my photos of late) is this one Wonky Drinking

Expect more fun results once i get around to tagging the 1,100 untagged photos…