Mouse scribbling

I’ve been playing with IOGraphica, formerly known as MousePath that last couple of days. It’s a little app that sits in the background on your PC and turns your mouse movements into artwork (more info can be found on their homepage).

I recommend giving it a spin, it’s quite interesting and at the very least, it’s a bit of idle fun.

Here’s what it produced from a couple of hours of my activity earlier on today.

Have also just created a new Flickr set where i’ll be uploading these to, if anyone’s interested!

It all started so simply…

Once a long time ago (May 2009) it must have been a quiet day in the office…

Caro sent this email around to everyone;
“Daniel Britton is sick, please HELP ME!”

To which I responded with this (a picture of Dan):

Ant then sent this:
“Looks like a caption competition opportunity to me:”

Dave G followed up with this:

I then did:

Gon followed up with:

My reposte was:

Luke chipped in with:

And Stu added:

Gerry threw this into the mix:

Ant came up with this:

I bastardized it into this:

Dave posted this:

So I contributed;

I also did this;

Ant added this:

Rich gave us this:

Gon followed up with:

Jonny came up with:

Ant replied with this;

Dave G added:

Hils did this one:

Rich contributed this;

Martin created this one;

And Caro finished it with this gem:

And then silence followed…

Ahhh, what a productive afternoon that was…

Thanks to Dave G for finding this email chain in his emails and providing the images! without him, these memories may have been lost forever!