So yes! I’ve just returned from two weeks in Oz. It was great, venturing to the other side of the world for a friends wedding and just co-incidentally having my birthday whilst over there too. I can’t say in words how much fun it was, maybe because I’m still somewhat jet lagged.

Anyway, me being me, i’ve created a Flickr collection of the trip;

There ain’t no flickr stats like engine party flickr stats

OK, I’m seriously impressed!
Yesterday, 6th December 2010, I released to the world the photos I took at this year’s annual Engine party – and in doing so, managed to attract 4,815 hits to my Flickr account. That’s quite a lot, in fact, seeing as I’ve only had 84,153 hits ever, that’s an impressive 5.7% of my all time visitors in just one day!!

And if anyone’s interested, here are the top 10 viewed photos from yesterday.