(Nearly) Time for more Mass Effect!

Just seventeen days until the new Mass Effect game will be in my hands (why it has to be released three days later in the UK than in the US is a pain in the arse…) and so far I’ve been very good at avoiding spoilers. I’ve accidentally been spoilered a little bit, but nothing too major. I’m hoping to recreate the feeling I had when I played the first two games – which was that I had no fore knowledge about them at all. Quite an amazing feat in this day and age, especially for me!

Anyway, I have allowed myself to watch some of the official teasers/trailers that Bioware have put out and the latest is just sublime… here it is;

Preliminary work on Project HTPC commences

So yes.

Project HTPC officially began this weekend, well I say that, but it’s still in the¬†preliminary,¬†fact finding / requirements gathering / discovery phase… however the first physical work was undertaken, so I’m taking that as the start of the project.

You have no idea what I’m rambling about do you?


HTPC - preliminary

HTPC stands for Home Theatre PC – and as you can see from the above photo, there is already a PC – however it is a relatively old and clunky P4 system that just can’t keep up with modern HD media standards – so it’s time to gut the beast and perform upgrade surgery.

Shouldn’t be too much of a hard task, however I’m going to have to be doing this on a tight budget, what with Christmas just around the corner and a recent trip over to Ozland that i’m still paying off…

I’m hoping to keep a log of decisions and executions on this very blog, so if you’re interested, stay tuned!

I’m wanting to run Windows Media Center so i’ll have to see what’s what, but current thinking is maybe a nice cheap i3Core system…