SSD’s make everything faster…

I saw recently that an online retailer had the OCZ Vertex 3 120Gb SSD in a sale, so I snapped two of them up, thinking one for my system and one for games and stuff (my Steam install alone is well over 100Gbs!). These are SATAIII drives and my motherboard was only SATAII so I thought I’d upgrade that whilst I was at it.
This has, unfortunately, brought Project:HTPC to a halt for the time being…
So I got (eventually… damn you Parcel Force) all my goodies and assembled everything and began the fun that is installing Windows on a new drive. Installing onto an SSD is refreshingly quick, up until that SSD (after two/three hours of use) reports an internal error and freezes up. Sigh.
What on Earth has happened to companies QA practices these days? If it’s not sub-standard software (I’m looking at you Bioware) it’s defective hardware…
Fair enough, I was buying highly discounted goods, I still expect those goods to actually work!
So, my final thoughts…

SSDs are great, when they work. The Vertex 3 drive I have running at the moment is performing admirably (just under 500Mb/s read and write). They’re also a damn site quieter than the old spinning HDDs! Performance is exceedingly good but the reliability… am just hoping that this one doesn’t crash out on me anytime soon.
Worth the money? Probably.

Conspiracy or Coincidence? aka More thoughts on Mass Effect 3 ending…

I’ve already posted plenty (here and here) of my thoughts on Mass Effect 3’s endings.

But something new just cropped up (see my tweet also).

When I bought Mass Effect 3 I got the soundtrack as a bonus – and I have to say I really do like it, it’s got some great pieces on it!

But I noticed something.
The track that plays at the end of the game is called “Das Malefitz” by Faunts – I quite like it – however the name intrigued me as it stood out (other tracks being called “Reaper Chase” and “Leaving Earth” for example).

A quick Google for “Malefitz” turns up pretty much only links to this track or the Faunts in general. It does also reveal that the it is the name of a game in German (which interestingly seems to involve a choice of colours – just like the end of ME3…)

But further digging also reveals this insightful page:
Which goes on to say:

Maleficent from Latin for “bad deed”, “iniquity”, originally from Latin maleficus (wicked, evil-acting, wicked) and Latin maleficium (crime, crime, literally, “bad deed”)

This, to me, seems to describe the end sequence of Mass Effect 3 rather well…

Conspiracy or Coincidence?

[update edit]
or just bad spelling? who knows? 😉