Further 8bit Acorn goodness

Oh yes. A weekend of R&R at home prompted me to continue a couple of little projects that don’t take too much energy.

Namely, fitting an MMC interface to my BBC Micro, providing the little Beeb with a whopping 128MB of storage. All right, so it’s not quite that much, but it does give it access to 500+ virtual floppy discs which, if you don’t know, is plenty.

Whilst I was in its innards, I took the liberty of adding a 3.5mm headphone socket to it, just because I could.

I’d also dug out my old Microvitec Cub monitor out of the bottom of the wardrobe recently, and having finally cobbled together the relevent lead, plugged it in. A what do you know? It worked. Not bad for a 25+ year old monitor that hadn’t been used for the last 19 years…

So, in all it’s glory, I present to you my BBC Micro:

And my BBC Master:

The full specifications of these beauties are;

The Micro:
Issue 7 motherboard.
32K on board RAM.
1770 Floppy Disc Controller (with DDFS)
16k Sideways RAM expansion.
MMC Interface.

The Master:
128k on board RAM.
CF Card Interface.
6502 Internal Co-Processor.
Dual MOS (switchable).

Now, I’m pretty happy with these setups, however there is, of course, always more that could be done!
Am still sorely tempted with Retroclinic’s USB Upgrade for instance…
One day.

Mouse scribbling

I’ve been playing with IOGraphica, formerly known as MousePath that last couple of days. It’s a little app that sits in the background on your PC and turns your mouse movements into artwork (more info can be found on their homepage).

I recommend giving it a spin, it’s quite interesting and at the very least, it’s a bit of idle fun.

Here’s what it produced from a couple of hours of my activity earlier on today.

Have also just created a new Flickr set where i’ll be uploading these to, if anyone’s interested!