So… last night, we have a bit of a work social (due to company merger), an evening of being taught how to make cocktails whilst drinking them (and other alcohol).
It was a really fun evening (even the cheesey 90s dance music that they played after the main event whilst we were drinking more booze) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
What I didn’t enjoy was this morning. God I felt rough… in fact, I still felt drunk. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have gone around pooring bits of various cocktails into one glass, christening it the ‘Altogether’ cocktail and proceeding to drink it… oh well.


I thought I’d show off the picture of my proud creation, i think it was a Manhatten… yeah, fairly certain of that. Although, of course, it had a twist of Barrows flair to it (i.e. it had double measures in it). It certainly had quite a kick!