It'ssss (nearly) Chriiiiiiistmaaaaaas!!

Well, wow… it’s that time of year again already!
What happened to 2009?

Anyhoo, it’s mid december which means it’s mid-silly season – too much merriment ahoy!!

It’s also been snowing, which is nice!

Unfortunately Hornchurch has become one big frozen death trap of ice… which isn’t so nice!

Still, it’s only a couple of days of work left and then it’s feet up time for a few weeks – gonna be bliss!

Xmas partying

It’s a tough life, I know… too much partying of late is starting to take it’s toll on me i think… the office xmas party last night (photos) has possibly been the final straw…

Today is not a good day. I hate hangovers.

Am never drinking again, ever!

Still, roll on tomorrow, i may even have another drink…