SSD’s make everything faster…

I saw recently that an online retailer had the OCZ Vertex 3 120Gb SSD in a sale, so I snapped two of them up, thinking one for my system and one for games and stuff (my Steam install alone is well over 100Gbs!). These are SATAIII drives and my motherboard was only SATAII so I thought I’d upgrade that whilst I was at it.
This has, unfortunately, brought Project:HTPC to a halt for the time being…
So I got (eventually… damn you Parcel Force) all my goodies and assembled everything and began the fun that is installing Windows on a new drive. Installing onto an SSD is refreshingly quick, up until that SSD (after two/three hours of use) reports an internal error and freezes up. Sigh.
What on Earth has happened to companies QA practices these days? If it’s not sub-standard software (I’m looking at you Bioware) it’s defective hardware…
Fair enough, I was buying highly discounted goods, I still expect those goods to actually work!
So, my final thoughts…

SSDs are great, when they work. The Vertex 3 drive I have running at the moment is performing admirably (just under 500Mb/s read and write). They’re also a damn site quieter than the old spinning HDDs! Performance is exceedingly good but the reliability… am just hoping that this one doesn’t crash out on me anytime soon.
Worth the money? Probably.

  • Peter Mescalchin

    I have this identical drive at home running under Ubuntu, and it rockets and has done for 6+ months now. Is it mean if I blame Windows for the issue here? :)

    • lpbarrows

      Quite possibly a bit mean yes! 😉
      To be honest, I might be being a bit hard on the drives, but having one fail on the day of installation isn’t the most reassuring thing in the world!
      The one that’s worked though, as I say, it’s super speedy!
      Hopefully the replacement for the failed drive will be OK.
      Glad to hear you’ve had favorable experiences, that is good to know, maybe the failed one is the exception rather than the rule.