Conspiracy or Coincidence? aka More thoughts on Mass Effect 3 ending…

I’ve already posted plenty (here and here) of my thoughts on Mass Effect 3’s endings.

But something new just cropped up (see my tweet also).

When I bought Mass Effect 3 I got the soundtrack as a bonus – and I have to say I really do like it, it’s got some great pieces on it!

But I noticed something.
The track that plays at the end of the game is called “Das Malefitz” by Faunts – I quite like it – however the name intrigued me as it stood out (other tracks being called “Reaper Chase” and “Leaving Earth” for example).

A quick Google for “Malefitz” turns up pretty much only links to this track or the Faunts in general. It does also reveal that the it is the name of a game in German (which interestingly seems to involve a choice of colours – just like the end of ME3…)

But further digging also reveals this insightful page:
Which goes on to say:

Maleficent from Latin for “bad deed”, “iniquity”, originally from Latin maleficus (wicked, evil-acting, wicked) and Latin maleficium (crime, crime, literally, “bad deed”)

This, to me, seems to describe the end sequence of Mass Effect 3 rather well…

Conspiracy or Coincidence?

[update edit]
or just bad spelling? who knows? 😉