Video game saturation, why Steam works for me!

I must have almost 100 games available to me that i’ve bought via Value’s Steam online game system… I can’t help myself, I keep buying them. Their marketing ploys work quite well, the almost never ending turnaround on sales, weekend deals, multigame packs… I can’t resist. I even end up buying games I already own!

Why do I do that? I tell myself it’s convience, it may well be… e.g I certainly find it easier to install and play Fallout 3 now that I don’t have to rely upon my badly scratched disc!

The problem I’m coming across now is over-saturation, I have bought so many games that I’ve honestly not played some of them – i’ve not even downloaded or installed them!

So the question is, I have a very wide selection of games at my convenience – why do I keep playing the same games over and over again instead of something else I’ve paid good money for that I’ve not even touched?

Certainly I’ve talked about my Mass Effect addiction before on this blog (and will be again soon) – but then there’s Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas that have been consuming large amounts of my time recently too… why do I keep replaying these over and over? Surely Crysis or STALKER or the FEAR series’ deserve to be installed and played at least a bit seeing as I’ve paid for them?

Let’s not get started on Minecraft now…