Conversations overheard on the last bus home

I have the unenviable job of, having been out in town for drinks, of having to get a train home. Well, when I say home, the train stops at Romford… now, anyone who’s ever been to Romford at 1am on a friday or saturday night, will know that it’s something of a demiliterised zone at the best of times… however, needs must as the devil drives… from Romford i then have to hope that i’m in time to get the last bus (fun fun fun).
Now, on saturday night, I had a couple of runs of luck. Firstly, I was in time for the bus and secondly it wasn’t overfull of drunks.
However, there were a few other people on the bus and I overheard part of a conversation that pretty much sums up certain elements of todays ‘youth’.
Apparently, a girl had been out boozily celebrating her 17th birthday with a group of friends, (hey, we were all young once!) but was eager to get home as her mum had been babysitting her 9 months old baby for her for the night…

  • Lee

    I was going to make this post yesterday, however for the life of me, i couldn’t remember what it was I was going to write about. It wasn’t until I was walking through the tube station on my way to work this morning that it came back to me.
    Damn my brain…

  • Sam

    Well at least she was keen to get home to the baby I guess!!