Number 2! Number 2!

Well, looks like Google has finally started indexing this site!… a minor victory for a web developer such as myself… So now, should people need to find me, they can google my name (Lee Barrows) and find me in the number two position.

Interestingly, the number one position goes to some unknown footballer called Lee Barrow. Now, note that his surname is not Barrows. Google is lopping off the ‘S’… damn cheek! At least they’re not returning results for Burrows… that always pisses me off when people spell my name wrong like that…

  • James Little

    I’m glad that I am not the only person who searches for their own name on google. Infact, I recently moved domains as my previous one had been canned for spam (due to neglecting the blog and leaving comments open for a few months) on Yahoo – happily I believe I am now back to No 1 across the SE’s!


  • lpb

    Heh, yeah, all i need to do is somehow erase a footballer form the number one spot… that or get google to re-write how they search indexing algorithm works so it doesn’t ignore the ‘S’ on the end of my name! 😉