God I am SO bored. bored bored bored bored boredy bored.

It’s not that I’ve got nothing to do… hell no. Plenty to be doing. But I’m just bored… bored bored bored.

*sigh* OK… rant over, best do something with the evening now I suppose…

Hmmm… Tequila or washing up… hmmmm….

  • Tiger

    Oh my God, DO something!
    There are SOOO many great and fun/hip things you can do at home. Such as…

    1. Comb your hair over to one side in the shower and croon Morrissey songs to a packet of Walls Pork Bangers that you have taken into the bathroom with you.
    2. Honk your nose.
    3. Honk other body parts at strangers from your window in the morning.
    4. Buy a full Boba Fett costume and wear it whilst cooking/honking.
    5. Make detailed plans in ‘Doctor No No’ style, to tamper with Mark Wong’s computer tomorrow.
    6. Eat loads of cheese just before you go to bed and see if you have interesting nightmares.
    7. Lay face down on the floor and pretend you are the carpet. Get into carpet consciousness. If it is 70’s carpet it will be sooo groovy.
    8. Get drunk and lay face up on the floor and listen to Pink Floyd and cry and softly vomit on yourself.
    9. Learn how to menstruate (I don’t care if you don’t have a womb, Stan)
    10. Grow some extra limbs. Then honk them.

    See? Lots you can do! Boredom is as boredom does!

  • lpb

    Thanks for the suggestions… my folicle condition severely limits my ability to try number 1.
    The others sound plausible though… i’ll give ’em a go next time i’m bored!!

  • Tiger

    Hair as in single not plural maybe 😉