Landlords are scum

So I moved out of my old (rented) flat at the end of December (right before New Year, fun fun fun)… Landlords arrive to see me off (how nice of them!) and (paraphrasing slightly now) say “Oh, this all looks fine, we’ll sort out your deposit and be in touch soon”.

Now, seeing as we went to the bother of agreeing that I would be ‘custodian’ of the returned deposits (I shared with two other people), I find it slightly bad form that now, six months later, I am having to write them carefully worded letters demanding the deposits back (or at least some written proof of what they’ve spunked it all on) and giving them deadlines to get back to me or it’s off to the small claims court…

Oh, i’ve spoken to them on the phone and I’ve heard some wonderful excuses, but seen no proof (but have lots of proof of my own to counter their excuses) of their reasons for denying us our deposits.

So, what’s the conclusion to all this? Time’ll tell (it usually does), at the moment I’m waiting for a nice cheque to arrive in the post (am I being to hopeful?) or next month is going to be legal action month… wish me luck!

I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about landlords any more…

  • Adam Cavill

    Landlords ARE scum. Look at our landlords from Canada.

    They regularly make the news as scumlorsds yet s;omehow stupuid municipal governement can’t do anything about them. I think it may be down to the individual entering into a business relationship voluntarily. Becoems difficult when you are broke and NEED a place to live.

    They kept our deposit too. F*CKERS!

  • Adam Cavill

    Landlords are scum

    Look at this story about my ex-landlord in Canada:

    Kept our deposit even though I did a huge amount of work demousing and rebuilding their godforsaken pesthole.

  • lpb

    Heh, sorry Adam, for some reason your posts had been flagged as spam! They’ve been recovered now!

    Yeah, that sounds awefully familiar!!
    I got a letter back from them in reponse to my ‘nice demand’… not trawled through it all with a fine tooth comb yet, but basically they’re not coughing up…

    The struggle continues!